Volleyball Rules


4 on 4

20 Minutes (Running Time)

10 minute break in between games

There will be two pools: “A” pool & “B” pool. The top team in the “A” and “B” pool at the completion of the competition rounds will compete in the finals.
Tie Games: There will be 5 minutes of over time play. The team with the most points at the completion of over time will be declared the winner.



4 players on the floor, including one female at all times. Unlimited roster and substitutions. Only those on your roster can play. You cannot “borrow” players from another team.



Refs: will be supplied
Volleyballs: will be supplied
Uniforms: Team uniforms are encourage (t-shirts) but not mandatory
Player Pinnies: will be provided if needed



The referee’s decision is final in all matters relating to the game. At no time during the game should a player question a referee. The referee is not obliged to explain his/her decision, this applies to even the team Captain who has no special rights or authority other than over his/her own team.

Use of foul language, fighting or any behaviour deemed inappropriate will result in ejection from the tournament.
Each team lines up on the opposing sides of the net with the objective of sending the volleyball over the net, but within the court boundary lines. Any part of the body above the waist can be used to hit the ball. The goal is to clear the net with a serve and stop the opposing side from returning the volleyball before it hits the ground.
Regulation volleyball courts are rectangular and have marked boundaries. When the ball hits outside those marked boundaries, it’s considered out-of-bounds.

One player on either team will put the ball into play by a serve. The first serve of a match is determined by a volley. The server must serve the ball from behind the end line using an underhand or overhand serve. When the receiving team returns the volleyball successfully, it wins a point and the right to serve by rotating players by one position in a clockwise manner. Each team has three opportunities to hit and return the ball but no single player can hit the ball twice in a row.

Rally scoring will be used in volleyball. This scoring method is where a point is scored on every rally and can be won by the serving or receiving team.

Players cannot touch the net during the game. Players can never reach under the net or interfere with another player or the ball. Failure to hit the ball correctly, such as with a throw or a carry, is an illegal move. The volleyball must be served in a rotation with one player moving to the front line while another player moves to the back line to give each player an opportunity to play each spot on the court.

Player’s must remove all jewellery before taking the floor.

Teams are not required to wear the same colour shirt.


*All players must be registered, paid and insured before they take the field*