Extreme Sports

Managed By: Brad Haywood

Good Morning /Afternoon

My name is Brad Haywood and I am the new chairperson for Extreme Sports and Crossfit. This is quick note regarding funding for your sport and how to get it. To go over the setup, here is how I will be doing this going forward and it is pretty simple. Please not that we do not buy equipment.

  1. To receive funding you must register in an obstacle type event (IE: Spartan Race, Tough Mudder) or Crossfit event and provide a receipt along with a copy of results. 
  2. I will collect receipts and results can be forwarded after September 1st.  Please note if you get injured and are unable to compete please still forward your receipt along with a brief explanation of why you had to pull out of your event and it will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  3. All funds will be done in Canadian Funds and if you register for an event outside of Canada you may not get a conversion rate.
  4. Please remember that funding is limited this year and I will doing my best to make sure that everyone is treated equally. Going forward as I figure out how much funding is actually need I will be able to adjust the budget.

Lastly any emails that you send me please label them EXTREME TPAAA in capitals. Sorry I am overrun with emails and this way I can pick off your email and answer you promptly.


Brad HAYWOOD #8724

14 Division