Student Athlete Award


The Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association is proud to introduce a student athlete award to a child of a Member. Each year the TPAAA will award up to two students $1,000 each, and the recipients will be announced at our annual TPAAA Annual Awards Banquet.

Please download the application  once the application has been filled out please email the form to or you can send the application to the TPAAA office at 54 division no later than the August 31st, 2024 deadline.

For more information, feel free to contact myself, any Member of the Executives or the staff at the TPAAA office, 416-995-8086.

Thank you.


Nick Nei

Staff Sergeant #7807, No. 43 Division

Past President


Download application form



1. The student(s) receiving this Award must be the child** of an active or life Member of the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association.

2. The student(s) must be entering or continuing their education post-secondary level by attending a full-time course (as defined by the school) at an institution of higher learning recognized by the Ministry of Education for Ontario or equivalent towards a diploma or degree.

3. The student(s) receiving the award must have competed or competes athletically in the previous year at a high level of competition. Qualification of the athletic achievement will be determined by the Award committee. Consideration should be given to varsity, national, international sport competition (For Example: Pan-Am Games, Olympics)

4. The student, indicated on the application approved by the Committee, must maintain full time enrollment and must be in good academic standing.

5. The Member is responsible for submitting the “Application Form” and a copy of the student’s transcripts or acceptance or confirmation of enrollment to the TPAAA Office by no later than August 31st, 2023.

6. Failure for any reason of a Member to apply for the Award prior to the above cut-off date will automatically disqualify the student.

7. The winner(s) of the award will be selected by a Committee comprised of TPAAA Board members (Award Committee).

8. A maximum of 2 students will be awarded $1,000 each annually.

9. A student can receive the award only once.

10. The Award cheque and Certificate of Achievement will be announced at the TPAAA banquet and be mailed to the winner(s) home address TBD following the completion of the previous school year.


If under 21 years of age:

Is the natural or adopted child of the Member, or Is the natural child of the member’s spouse and includes the natural or adopted child of a deceased active or Life Member who died while in that capacity and in good standing.

If over 21 years of age:

An over-age dependent is defined to be an unmarried child of a Member, twenty-one years of age or over, who is a full-time student attending an educational institution or on vacation therefrom, and who is dependent for support on such Member.


Dependent step-children of a Member in a married relationship

Dependent step-children of a Member in a recognized common-law relationship provided that the  Member files an affidavit with the Association attesting that the common-law relationship complies with the provisions of the Family Law Act and the Constitution and further:

The Member is acting as parent to the child,

The child is residing with the Member, and

The child is dependent on his parents as a sole means of support.