Ball Hockey Rules


4 on 4, plus a goalie

2 – 10 minute run time periods

10 minute break in between games

There will be two pools: “A” pool & “B” pool. The top team in the “A” and “B” pool at the completion of the competition rounds will compete in the finals.

Tie Games: There will be a shoot-out consisting of 3 players, which one of the players must be female. If still tied after the shoot-out, 3 different players must enter the next round of the shoot-out, which one player must be a female. The team with the most goals in the shout-out will be declared the winner.



4 players on the floor, including one female at all times, plus a goalie. Maximum 10 players on the roster including a goalie. Only those on your roster can play. You cannot “borrow” players from another team.



Refs: will be supplied
Ball Hockey Balls: Official orange hockey balls will be supplied
Goalie Equipment: Chest protector, leg pads, blocker, catcher, goalie stick, complete helmet and protective cup to be supplied by player
Players equipment: Mandatory Helmet for all players, stick and recommended hockey gloves. Shin pads, protective cup optional. All equipment to be supplied by player.
Uniforms: Team uniforms are encourage (t-shirts) but not mandatory
Player Pinnies: will be provided if any colour conflicts arise



The referee’s decision is final in all matters relating to the game. At no time during the game should a player question a referee. The referee is not obliged to explain his/her decision, this applies to even the team Captain who has no special rights or authority other than over his/her own team.

Use of foul language, fighting or any behaviour deemed inappropriate will result in ejection from the tournament.

Ball hockey will be played with street hockey sticks and a no-bounce hockey ball (orange). Helmet and gloves are mandatory. Jock/Jill and a mouth guard are recommended, but not mandatory.

Goalies are required to wear a helmet with a face mask, chest protector, blocker, catch glove, goalie shin pads, jock/jill and use a goalie stick.

Players can change lines voluntarily (on-the-fly), or between plays.

Standard face-offs apply.

In-Bounding Face-Off: When the ball goes out-of-bounds, the last team to touch it loses possession. Players on the defending team must stand at least 10 feet from the spot where the ball went out-of-bounds, then the inbounding team puts the ball back into play.

Play stops after a goal, when the ball goes out of bounds, or when a penalty or infraction is called. When the referee blows the whistle, that means play stops.

Player’s must remove all jewellery before taking the floor.

Teams must have the same colour shirts. The shirts do not have to be numbered. If two teams have the same colour shirts, the referee will issue pinnies.


*All players must be registered, paid and insured before they take the floor*