Managed by: Tony Crawford

The TPAAA golf league has been in existance for 33 yrs. It started in the west end of the city by a small group of officers and over the years grew slowly with the main organizers like Rick Adderson, Bob Drohan and Graham Hanlon doing the lion share of the organizing. The league tripled in membership in the last 5 yrs and now has over 185 players. The league has an extensive web site and has developed a code of ethics to ensure everyone is treated with respect in a relaxed setting. The league play begins in early May, 2023 and consists of 17 regular games followed by a year end tournament in Sept.. In 2022 a new executive including Andrew Mason, Andy Violet and Mark Worthington have taken the league in a new direction and it is now associated with Golf Canada which brings in all kinds of benefits to the membership. The TPAAA Liason or contact person for the league is Tony Crawford and all his information can be obtained from the TPAAA web site. The league although somewhat competitive is open to all levels of skill and it’s number one goal is to ensure inclusiveness. The only criteria is that you must be a AAA member in good standing. The league is only made possible by the membership with the continued support of the T.P.AAA. The executive and directors are all volunteers who make themselves available to answer any questions and above all else to ensure the league is fair and equitable to all AAA members.