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Bodybuilding is not only a sport, but also a lifestyle that requires discipline, sacrifice and commitment. There are several members of the Toronto Police Service who participate in numerous competitions throughout the year. Prior to the COVID years when competitions were cancelled and as of recent TPAAA athletes, after months of training and prep have competed at all three levels including Regional, Provincial and National levels! They participate in a variety of associations and competitions throughout the year.

TPAAA athletes have achieved excellence in the competitive sport of amateur bodybuilding! They have never given up and continue to chase their dreams and continue to achieve what seems to be at times impossible.

As police officers, it is extremely difficult to maintain a level of discipline in nutrition, meal prep, sleep and training. The long hours, rotating shifts and juggling family responsibilities undermine healthy routines required to attain the physiques needed to win at competition.

The TPAAA has been an awesome resource in assisting the athletes financially, covering 50% of the dues for memberships and 100% of their registration fees up for two shows a year (Nov1-Oct31) up to $500.00 in that year.

TPAAA athletes have achieved great successes in the Sport throughout the years.

A few of the TPAAA athletes: