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This year’s Day in the Dirt runs THURDSAY, AUGUST 24th, on private property adjacent to the Ganaraska Forrest AND select trails in the forest itself, near the 115/35 split down the street from Pontypool.   The day runs from 9 am to 3 pm and LUNCH IS PROVIDED! 

The Full Day Ride is the ultimate off-road experience! Depending on your riding ability you will receive customized training at our 100 acre training facility, and ride fresh cut private property trail for this year. These tours are customized based upon the riders’ level, desired destinations, and dirtbike. No two rides are the same! Let our experienced instructors and guides look after your every need. We provide all the equipment, rider training, liability insurance, etc. to make your day the most memorable experience in the woods you’ve ever had!

This is always a super fun event, and everyone always comments on how it’s the best $150.00 they’ve ever spent on a day experience.  Scott Spicer first ran this event waaay back in the day, and charged $150.00.  Through the cooperation of Trail Tours and most importantly a subsidy from the TPAAA, we’ve managed to hold the line on 90s pricing!  With the l insurance, lunch and tax, this event is well in excess of $300.00 on regular pricing, so T.P.A.A.A. members are getting it for less than half price!  Note that due to the subsidy, this is for Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association members ONLY, and is yet another fantastic reason to congratulate yourself for opting “in” on membership!


The order of filling the event is FIRST PAID, FIRST ON THE LIST.  While I admire and appreciate everyone’s honour and commitment, there’s an old saying.  MONEY TALKS.  If you want to nail down a spot, get your $150.00 in.  E-mail money transfers make it easy!  The event runs rain or shine,  and the pricing is dependent on everyone attending, so the $150.00 in NON- REFUNDABLE in the case of a no show.  A touch of rain really turns the trails into magic, and keeps the dust down in mid-summer.  Money transfers go to please. This is the 10th straight year, so we’ll use “tpaaaten” as the password if it asks for one.


Everything in terms of helmet, pads, boots is provided, the bike is provided from the CRF 150, CRF 230, CRF250, CRF250X.  The 230 and 250 are very popular with newer riders.  Even the mighty 450X and RX is available for EXPERIENCED OFF ROAD RIDERS.  Ride Red!  Insurance, Trail Pass and Guide are included.  All you need to bring is a change of socks and underwear and a camera.  Please bring between $10 and $20 to tip your guide on the day of. 

We do a group shot at lunch, and a souvenir group photo and commemorative Day in the Dirt Decal will be sent out to you.  Don’t be shy.  Reach out to Chris Scherk or Claudia Cid  they’ll answer any of your questions, there’s also an FAQ on the Trail Tours Website:


See You on the trails!


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