Flag Football Rules


6 on 6, including a quarterback

20 Minutes (Running Time)

10 minute break in between games

There will be two pools: “A” pool & “B” pool. The top team in the “A” and “B” pool at the completion of the competition rounds will compete in the finals.

Tie Games: Sudden death over time. First team to score in sudden death wins. A coin toss will determine which team has possession first in sudden death over time.



6 players on the field, including one female at all times, including a quarterback. Maximum 12 players on the roster. Only those on your roster can play. You cannot “borrow” players from another team.



Refs: will be supplied
Footballs: will be supplied
Flag Football Kit: Flags, belts, will be supplied
Uniforms: Team uniforms are encourage (t-shirts) but not mandatory
Player Pinnies: will be provided if any colour conflicts arise



The referee’s decision is final in all matters relating to the game. At no time during the game should a player question a referee. The referee is not obliged to explain his/her decision, this applies to even the team Captain who has no special rights or authority other than over his/her own team.

Use of foul language, fighting or any behaviour deemed inappropriate will result in ejection from the tournament.

The players wear flags on their hips, and play stops when a defender yanks a flag off of a ball carrier.

Blocking rules may vary, but what counts as a legal stop is universal. The defender has to pull the flag off the ball carrier’s belt. No tackling is permitted. Holding the runner up in any way to make a grab easier isn’t legal. Players also can’t leave their feet to snatch a flag. The play ends when the flag hits the ground, or the defender holds up the captured flag to a referee.

Once a ball gets snapped, it’s live until it goes out of bounds, points are scored, or the ball carrier’s flag is pulled. Play is also whistled dead if the carrier’s arm or knee touches the ground.

The number of downs will be three like Canadian football. The first possession starts at the 5-yard line, and that team gets that set number of downs to cross midfield. If they do, they get another set of downs to score. If they fail, the other team gets the ball at its own 5.

Flag football at any level follows the same rules of tackle football when it comes to offense. A quarterback takes a snap, can pass or hand off, and no forward passes are allowed beyond the line of scrimmage. Any player on the offence can be the receiver. Touchdowns are worth six points, but the big scoring difference is in extra points. A team can try a run or pass from the 5 yard line for one point. There are no field goals or kicks for the extra point.

Player’s must remove all jewellery before taking the field.

Teams must have the same colour shirts. The shirts do not have to be numbered. If two teams have the same colour shirts, the referee will issue pinnies.

Outdoor studded style soccer/football shoes are allowed.


*All players must be registered, paid and insured before they take the field*