Annual General Meeting 2021

Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association

Annual General Meeting


November 30th,2021 7:00pm

43 Division

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Announcement of Board Vacancies filled since AGM

3. Identification of Proxy Votes

4. Roll Call and Confirmation of Quorum

5. Approval of Minutes previous Annual General Meeting December 2nd, 2021

6. Treasurer’s Report

  • Presentation of and Motion to Receive the Auditor’s Report
  • Motion to Appoint the 2022 Auditor – Williams & Partners

7. Correspondence

8. Executive reports

9. Appointment of Scrutineers

NOTE: At this time all members of the Executive will leave the Podium and the Electoral Officer will Chair the meeting until the new Executive is elected

10. Election of Executive:

  • Nomination and election of President
  • Nomination and election of 1st Vice President
  • Nomination and election of 2nd Vice President
  • Nomination and election of Treasurer
  • Nomination of Secretary Candidates
  • All Candidate speeches for office of Secretary
  • Election of Secretary

10. Motion to destroy Election Ballots if required

11. Past President’s farewell address

12. Presentation of Past President’s gift

13. Approval of Expenses for Executive

14. Recommendation to Members re Funded Sports

15. Announcement of approved Sports Budgets

16. Appointment of Sport Chairs as Required

17. Nominations for Site Representatives

18. Permission for Executive to:

  • Appoint Electoral Officers if required
  • Fill Vacancies where required and announce

19. Appointment of Committees for 2021-2022

20. Other Business – Approval of New Members

21. Unfinished Business – Approval of Movember Donation

22. New Business

23. Adjournment

Annual General Meeting 2020